MBM Schedule

Thursday, September 14

2:00 pm: Student Shorts in Varsity Gym Studio 208 (Read more)

5:30 pm: Opening of mini-exhibition at HOWspace (exhibition on display Thursday - Saturday)
     Celebrate the opening of Movies by Movers with a collection of tiny films as part of a series called, 
     A Minute of your Time, Please.    Light refreshments will be served.   

7:30 pm: Women's Voices Shorts at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (Read more)
     Some films in this program contain nudity.

Friday, September 15

6:00 pm: Something for Everyone/Family Friendly Shorts at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts (Read more)

8:00 pm: Bobbi Jene Documentary screened at Turchin Center for Visual Arts 
Origin: United States–2017 Runtime: 96 minutes.   Director: Elvira Lind
This film contains nudity.
American dancer Bobbi Jene Smith has spent 10 years as the star of famous Israeli dance company Batsheva. She finally makes the difficult and life-altering decision to uproot her life and career to move back to the US. Bobbi first came to Israel at a young age. She’s spent the past decade under the tutelage of renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin, who radically shaped her personal life and professional work. The life-changing decision to leave is made all the more difficult considering her budding relationship with fellow dancer, Or Schraiber.


Saturday, September 16

12:00 pm: Sunflower Man film and skype discussion at Turchin Center for the Visual Arts
Origin: Canada – 2017 Runtime: 14 minutes, 18 seconds.   Director: Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez's moving film dismantles the "ComfortableTruth" that migrants owe Canada for the opportunity to be here. Sunflower Man shifts the discussion away from the notion that migrants are indebted to Canada towards a critical realization of what Canada (and Canadians) owe to those who work in precarious and exploitative circumstances.

1:15 pm: Technology Shorts at Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (Read more)

3:00 pm: Living the Room, with opening film, Abismo at Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (Read more)
     Abismo contatins nudity.

4:00 pm: We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty at Turchin Center for the Visual Arts
Origin: Ireland–2016 Runtime: 1 hour 5 minutes.   Director: Claire Dix
We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty is an intimate portrait of Joan Denise Moriarty, a visionary who overcame enormous odds by doggedly following her dream of bringing ballet to every corner of Ireland. A pioneer of early 20th century Irish dance, Joan Denise Moriarty dared to create a uniquely Irish form of ballet inspired by her love of nature and Irish folklore. Her life’s work has been largely over-looked since her death. Despite this, she has left behind a remarkable legacy of dancers and dance lovers who may never have found ballet without her influence. This is a celebration of this great woman - the artist, the dancer, and the woman - who was best known, loathed, and loved as Miss Moriarty.

7:00 pm: MBM Closing Celebration
Come celebrate the closing of our festival at the HOWspace with refreshments, conversation and our interactive mini-exhibit!