Theatre and Dance Student for a Day 2020-21

T&DS4D Events -- This Page goes Live on Monday October 19th Click Here to View.


  • These events give high school juniors and seniors a chance to participate virtually with faculty and students at AppState.  There will be an information meeting and panel discussions with students in the program where prospective students can ask about what it is like to work and play in the Theatre and Dance Program.  
  • You will also receive a Web Link to the department's production of The Covid Chronicles Act IV

We are hosting one combined T&DS4D event this semester, associated with one of our virtual productions. Follow the link to the left to complete registration. 

  1. Friday October 23, 2020 The Covid Chronicles Act IV

Note: These events are sponsored by the department and do not include campus tours offered by the Admissions Office.

University-wide Open Houses are scheduled for:

To find out the information about upcoming Open Houses, visit the Admissions Office.