Off-campus Auditions


All audition pieces should be presented to the theatre faculty for criticism and approval prior to use at a professional audition. Résumés should also be evaluated prior to duplication. Photographs are needed with résumés and arrangements should be made early.

  1. The audition will usually be one minute long including the candidate's name and audition number. The piece selected should reflect the age and type of the actor and be contemporary.
  2. If desired, a song should be prepared which reflects the actor's range and ability.
  3. The actor should also have other audition pieces prepared in case of request during call backs. The pieces should reflect different types and periods.
  4. There will be concentrated work in the early fall to prepare audition pieces prior to the North Carolina Theatre Conference and continued work for those who pass the screening.
  5. We recommend that the student select audition materials during the spring and summer and begin to work with them.
  6. Those who wish formal and supervised assistance should sign up to work with a designated faculty member. Those applying for North Carolina Theatre Conference auditions must work with a faculty member.

Annually Scheduled Auditions

  • Southeastern Theatre Conference - fall auditions
    These auditions are held in September in Atlanta and are open only to those actors who are available immediately for work and have at least 2 previous professional credits. The companies represented are dinner theatres and regional theatres. There are very few positions open at these auditions.
  • Southeastern Theatre Conference - spring auditions
    These auditions are held the first weekend in March in conjunction with the SETC convention. A variety of companies offering summer employment are represented as well as a few professional, full-time companies including children's theatre. All students wishing to participate in these auditions must be screened at the North Carolina Theatre Conference in early November. No other applications will be accepted for SETC.
  • Outdoor Drama Auditions - spring auditions
    These are auditions held in Chapel Hill in March and are attended by all outdoor dramas in North Carolina and a few others.
  • Horn In the West - local auditions
    Horn In the West will audition at Chapel Hill and will also hold auditions in Boone in March.
  • Other auditions will be posted on the theatre bulletin board in the hall as they are received.