Faculty and Staff


Name Position Phone
Mr. Kevin Warner Department Chair 828-262-7323

Faculty - Full Time

Name Position Phone
Ms. Marianne Adams Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-6373
Mr. Bradley Archer Lecturer, Theatre Arts - Performance 828-262-6375
Ms. Laurie Atkins Associate Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-7533
Ms. Emily Daughtridge Associate Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-2404
Dr. Derek Davidson Senior Lecturer, Theatre Arts - Playwriting 828-262-8177
Mr. Derek Gagnier Associate Professor, Theatre Arts - Performance 828-262-6854
Ms. Regina Gulick Senior Lecturer, Dance Studies 828-262-6323
Ms. Cara Hagan Assistant Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-7779
Mr. Michael Helms Professor, Theatre Arts - Design 828-262-3028
Mr. Gordon Hensley Professor, Theatre Education Academic Program Director 828-262-7129
Ms. Rebecca Keeter Senior Lecturer in Dance Studies 828-262-3028
Ms. Teresa Lee Professor, Theatre Arts - Movement, Theatre for Youth 828-262-6376
Ms. Susan Lutz Associate Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-2259
Ms. Martha Marking Professor, Theatre Arts - Design 828-262-6377
Mr. Keith Martin John M. Blackburn Distinguished Professor of Theatre 828-262-8179
Dr. Paulette Marty Professor, Theatre Arts - History, Study Abroad 828-262-2028
Mr. John Marty Associate Professor, Theatre Arts - Design 828-262-6374
Dr. Ray Miller Professor, Dance Studies and Theatre Arts 828-262-3178
Mr. Sherone Price Associate Professor, Dance Studies 828-262-3028
Dr. Kin-Yan Szeto Professor, Theatre Arts - Literature, Performance Studies 828-262-3028
Ms. Sue Williams Professor, Theatre Arts - Design 828-262-6855
Mr. Joel Williams Professor, Theatre Arts - Directing 828-262-6470

Faculty - Part Time

Name Position Phone
Mr. Glenn Bruce Adjunct Faculty, Screenwriting and Film 828-262-8178
Ms. Trimella Chaney Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts & Theatre Education 828-262-8178
Donna Devereux Adjunct Faculty - Theatre Arts 828-262-6375
Dr. Susan Dean Gilbert Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Education and Theatre Arts 828-262-3028
Ms. Elizabeth McCracken Adjunct Faculty, Dance Studies 828-262-3028
Ms. Rebecca Quin Senior Lecturer, Dance Studies 828-262-8154
Mr. Jonathan Ray Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts 828-262-8178
Ms. Melissa Ritz Senior Lecturer, Theatre Arts 828-262-3028
Dr. Jessica Wood Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts 828-262-8176
Mr. Chris Yon Adjunct Faculty, Dance Studies 828-262-8154


Name Position Phone
Ms. Jennifer Ackland Costume Shop Supervisor 828-262-2094
Mr. Jonathan Asbell Dance Musician - Accompanist 828-432-0754
Mr. John Camacho Dance Musician - Accompanist 786-273-8955
Mr. Jeff Dickens Dance Musician - Accompanist 828-262-3028
Ms. Elaine Hartley Administrative Support Specialist 828-262-3028
Ms. Sarah Heustess Valborg & Greer Box Office Manager/Publicity 828-262-8342
Dr. Shawn M. Roberts Dance Musician - Accompanist 828-262-8213
Mr. Mike Runyon Dance Musician - Accompanist 828-262-3028
Mr. Matthew Tyson Technical Director 828-262-6615
Mr. Lynn Willis Production Photographer 828-963-4044


Name Position Phone
Dr. Susan S. Cole Emeritus
Dr. Frank Mohler Emeritus
Mr. Ed Pilkington Emeritus
Dr. Linda Welden Emeritus


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