Associated Student Organizations

About the Clubs

Eight Appalachian State University student organizations have a formal association with The Department of Theatre and Dance. Together they make up the "TD Club Alliance." These clubs and organizations serve the department by providing leadership opportunities for students; providing artistic and professional development opportunities for students; and supporting the department at recruitment events and other events. While the clubs remain autonomous and completely student-run, the department serves its associated student organizations by providing them with space for meetings, rehearsals, and performances; assisting with media release distribution; and providing consultation with faculty and staff to support them in managing their organization. We encourage every one of our students - majors, minors, and non-majors alike - to become involved with at least one of them.

APO - Alpha Psi Omega, Lambda Zeta Cast

Alpha Psi Omega (APO) is a national dramatics honor society. Students are encouraged to join after attaining a number of points by working in any area of theatre or dance and getting involved with the Theatre and Dance Department at Appalachian State. Members do not need to be theatre or dance majors to be eligible to join. APO-LZ does various service projects throughout the year, giving back to the local Boone community because, at its core, it is a service organization. Recently, the Lambda-Zeta chapter has begun performing an annual shadow-cast production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Appalachian Theatre of the High Country in the fall semesters and presenting a full-length play in the spring semesters. If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding the society, please check out Instagram or email the current President, Alex Contianos.

Faculty Advisor: Ray Miller

Appalachian Musical Theatre Club

The Appalachian Musical Theatre Club is open to all students on campus interested in promoting and performing in musical theatre. Their goal is to offer performance and production opportunities to students of all skill levels, majors, and backgrounds on campus. The club provides multiple performance opportunities throughout the academic year. These include Miscast (a variety showcase), Cabaret performances, and a fully produced, student-run musical each fall. Check out the Facebook page or Instagram for information.

Faculty Advisor: Kevin Warner

Entropy Dance Crew

Entropy Dance Crew brings together different individuals with a shared passion for dance. By creating a welcoming environment focused on both personal and collective growth, Entropy helps members of all backgrounds and experience levels express themselves through the art form of dance. Entropy is actively involved in the campus and local community, hosting open classes and participating in a variety of service activities. Entropy also travels throughout North Carolina to perform and network with other dancers in our community. The Crew holds auditions each semester to seek out dancers at AppState. They hold weekly practices that gear them up for their bi-annual showcase at the end of each semester. Crews from other universities in NC, as well as solo dancers from around the U.S., are invited to these showcases to demonstrate their talents. Check them out on InstagramTikTok, or Facebook.

.Faculty Advisor: Lindsay Masland

Momentum Dance Club

Momentum Dance Club is a student organization that is open to all students on campus who are interested in dance. The club holds open dance classes, different fundraising events, and a showcase each year. Proceeds from the Momentum Showcase go to fund classes with guest artists and support students in expanding their dance experience. This club is for everyone regardless of age, gender, skill level, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. For more information about Momentum, see their Instagram page. 

Faculty Advisor: Emily Daughtridge


Playcrafters is a student organization that is open to all students on campus who are interested in theatre. Dues are $5.00 and social activities include master classes and workshops, movie nights, an end-of-the-semester banquet, and other activities. The club sponsors the 24-Hour Play Festival, the New Play Festival of original one-act plays written by students, and the Playwrights Guild, a group of student playwrights who meet to work together. For more information, follow their Instagram or contact the club at

Faculty Advisor: Martha Marking

Syncopation Tap Club

Syncopation Tap Club aims to give all students who enjoy tap dancing the space to improve and collaborate with others who share this interest. Meetings are student-led, where members teach warm-up, across-the-floor, center combinations, or a combo. Along with bi-weekly classes, members may participate in the club's Fall and Spring Showcases, where they can audition for an officer piece or create their own. Syncopation's Instagram is a great way to learn more about the club, so please DM the officers there or contact their president, Isabella Dobbs, at

Faculty Advisor: Susan Lutz

Technical Theatre Club

The Technical Theatre Club is a student-run organization that provides experience and networking for students interested in theatre design and technology. We provide technical support for the other theatre clubs, hold workshops to learn technical skills, and host fundraisers such as a haunted house and thrift sale. The club is open to all students regardless of major. Check out our Instagram, or you can email us at

Staff Advisor: Matthew Tyson

W+ITT - Women and Inclusive Theatre Troupe

The Women’s Plus Inclusive Theatre Troupe is a club dedicated to radical inclusivity through the act of making theatre an accessible creative pursuit for any persons who do not adhere to the guidelines of the patriarchal hegemony. They aim to provide a safe space for artists by hosting events such as the Feminine Identity Gala in the fall, an assembled collection of art pieces of any medium depicting the individual’s relationship with the feminine identity. In the spring they dedicate their resources to producing a student-written, directed, and performed play that focuses on providing a space for underrepresented stories and uplifting marginalized voices. "Come and join the spread of positivity and love!" If you have questions you can reach out to their High Priestess (President) Mac Boone at, or find out more about upcoming events through their Instagram

Faculty Advisor: Gina Grandi