Honors Program in Dance

Honors Program in Dance Studies

The Department of Theatre and Dance provides the opportunity for highly qualified students to graduate with honors in Dance Studies. Applicants for the departmental honors program must have completed 30 semester hours, including 6 semester hours in Dance Studies with an overall GPA of 3.45. Admission into the Dance Studies honors program is by application to, and recommendation of, the departmental honors committee.

Recent honors theses have included both arts-based creative research and traditional written scholarship. A brief sampling includes:

  • Pilates: Implications for Future Use in Physical Rehabilitation, by Katlyn Tripe
  • Using Dance to Develop and Strengthen Community Bonds, by Joshua Carr
  • Developing Somatic Awareness in Creative Practice Through Writing and Movement, by Colleen Choate

Application Process

To be eligible to apply for the departmental honors program:

  • After consultation with the dance area faculty, the dance honors director will contact potential honors students to meet and apply to the program.
  • Space in the honors program is limited, and not all students meeting the application criteria will be accepted.


In order to graduate with “Honors in Dance Studies,” a student must:

  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.50 and a GPA of 3.50 or higher in dance studies courses.
  • Earn a grade of no less than “B” in any honors-designated course. 
  • Complete nine semester hours of honors courses in the department. by satisfactorily completing an honors contract between the student and the professor(s) teaching the course(s). These nine credits should include:
  1. Six semester hours may be taken from two of the following courses: DAN 3430, DAN 3450, DAN 4460, DAN 4830, or DAN 4870. Alternatively, students may opt to take other dance studies honors courses by contracting with the honors professor before semester classes begin.
  2. Completion of DAN 4510, Senior Honors Thesis/Project (3 s.h.). The honors thesis/project must include a dance studies professor as the primary advisor and a professor from outside the major as a secondary advisor. 

The honors program in dance studies requires a minimum of three semesters to complete. Honors courses in dance studies are not offered during summer sessions. See the Undergraduate Bulletin.

For specific questions, please contact, Kevin Warner at warnerks@appstate.edu.