Somatic Sustainability Minor



As a relatively new field, somatics offers a body-mind perspective to understand how transformation can start from within one's self. The minor in Somatic Sustainability contextualizes economics, the environment, and social justice within the lens of somatics. Critical and timely, it integrates these more common perspectives on sustainability with embodied practice in our daily lives. Understanding somatic work in this relational way values kinesthetic learning and self-awareness as necessary ingredients for growth, change and transformation.

The interdisciplinary minor in somatic sustainability bridges a range of somatic modalities such as yoga, Pilates and Gyrokinesis® and courses like Principles of Sustainable Development and Somatics and Sustainable Practices (a brand new course.) The Somatic Sustainability minor (SSU prefix) is designed to suit a myriad of majors and offers many possibilities for relational ways of thinking and understanding our actions as they impact our sustainability. For more information about the Program of Study, visit the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Appalachian is one of only a handful of universities that are currently connecting the field of somatics to the larger umbrella of sustainability, and this minor offers a truly unique perspective on both fields. For more information, contact Laurie Atkins.