BA General Theatre

About the General Theatre degree

The BA in General Theatre degree offers a broad spectrum of courses to prepare you for multiple careers. The coursework for this degree includes acting, technical work, theatre history, management skills, directing, and more. There are no audition or portfolio requirements for this degree. There is ample opportunity to choose electives from the theatre catalog to customize your program of study.

You will meet with an advisor at least once a semester. This is an informal time to review your degree checksheet, plan your classes, and talk about your experience at ASU. Additional advisor visits are optional. These faculty members are available to help you make sure you are on a successful path and to explore career options and short and long-term goals.


The faculty coordinator for this degree is Gina Grandi

More information

All Theatre degrees in the department require the student to complete a core list of courses. In addition to these courses, you will have the opportunity to choose electives to meet your needs. View course descriptions and requirements in ASU's Undergraduate Bulletin.  This link also provides you access to Programs of Study that outline the specfic requirement of this degree. (After choosing the Bulletin year, look for the Programs of Study link on the page's left column.)

If a course you need is full, please contact the instructor. Students are added to some courses on a case-by-case basis.

Finish in Four

Click here for a model Schedule Guide. (This link connects you to a chart of PDF files.)

Advising notes

Students planning to major in Theatre should avoid THR 2010 The Theatre Experience. This course is a survey that is part of the "Imagination, Innovation, and Meaning" theme in the General Education curriculum. Majors should enroll in THR 2005 Page and Stage, which is part of the "How We Tell Stories" theme.