BA Theatre Education

About the Theatre Education degree

The Theatre Education program is accredited by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and ASU's Reich College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

The Theatre Education program offers a mix of pedagogy and hands-on training based on the North Carolina Standards for Teachers of Theatre and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. During the degree students participate in all aspects of theatre and education. Students find themselves functioning in every role-- from acting and building scenery, to designing lessons, guest lecturing, and teaching actual public school workshops based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Additionally, students in this degree are trained by theatre and education faculty on how to be more effective teachers. This training creates dynamic theatre educators of every level for the public or private school. There is no audition to get in to this program.

We recommend that you come to the Department as soon as you can to get involved. You do not have to be a declared major to participate in our productions.

Teach theatre in other states!

The teaching license you obtain through our program may grant you the ability to teach across different grade levels in additional states and territories. Some states may offer reciprocal licensure, and others may have minimal course or testing requirements that need to be satisfied for the reciprocal issuance of a teaching license. For specific details and verification, please contact the Department of Public Instruction in each respective state.


The coordinator for this degree is Gordon Hensley.


  • Core requirements: After admission to the university, your first few semesters are spent completing what is called a "core curriculum." This degree requires the same core classes every ASU student takes during their first years of college. After your core is underway, you can declare your major. After you declare your major, you begin to take more classes in your degree area.
  • Degree area classes: This program requires that you complete the classes on the Degree Program of Study. Details of the Program of Study and course descriptions can be found online in ASU's Undergraduate Bulletin.  (After choosing the Bulletin year, look for the Programs of Study link on the page's left column.)
  • Other requirements: You will meet with an advisor at least once a semester. This is an informal time to plan your classes and talk about your experience at ASU. Your advisor is here to help you explore career options and set short and long-term goals.

Helpful resources

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Finish in Four

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Advising notes

Students planning to major in Theatre should avoid THR 2010 The Theatre Experience. This course is a survey that is part of the "Imagination, Innovation, and Meaning" theme in the General Education curriculum. Majors should enroll in THR 2005 Page and Stage, which is part of the "How We Tell Stories" theme.