Dance Audition Guidelines

Auditions for the Major and Minor

Auditions are not required to enroll in the Dance program. However, auditions are required in order to choreograph or perform for mainstage productions.

Choreographer Auditions

General: Sometimes students indicate to the faculty in the spring that they might be interested in choreographing for a department-sponsored dance concert, and while that can be helpful for planning, those conversations are informal and non-binding. Choreographer auditions are typically held on the first Friday afternoon of the semester (and may even be earlier, depending on the timing of upcoming concert dates). At that time, student choreographers for Fall or Spring Appalachian Dance Ensemble (FADE or SADE) or First Year Showcase (FYS). Considerations are given to majors, minors, classification, academic standing, and those who have had or are enrolled in Dance Composition and Improvisation.

Requirements: Those wishing to be considered for any department-sponsored dance concert present their 1-page proposals and about a minute of choreography to the faculty at the student choreography audition.

Academic Support: If students are chosen to choreograph for FADE/SADE or FYS, they are required to sign up for choreography class (DAN 4420) and may do so for zero, 1 or 2 credits, as they choose. Choreography class is required for majors and some students may opt to do an independent project to fulfill the class requirement. Regardless of the project type or credit hours taken, the requirements are the same; the flexible credit option allows students to 'massage' their credit hours as needed toward graduation. Each choreographic option below has its own advantages and disadvantages.

FYS: Choreographers chosen for FYS need to complete their projects in 3 weeks+ tech, and must be OK with very minimal tech support and needs. The venue may vary - often the show has often been in the IG Greer Studio Theatre. Recently, we have created quite successful outdoor, site-specific works, with upper-class THR or DAN students leading the new students. The focus is more on the process, group building, and helping Theatre and Dance students become involved in the department and university life. Introducing first-year students to college and the dance program is a special privilege and makes for lasting bonds. And, working with all dancers who audition, choreographers learn a great deal about how to choreograph quickly for a range of students with varied abilities and interests. Many choreographers find they like the inclusivity and focus on the process. The intensive creative burst at the beginning of the semester, with less pressure, a smaller venue, and generally shorter works (usually 3-5 minute dances) requires organization, leadership, and flexibility. 

FADE/SADE: While students do get to "choose'"their dancers, they often find they need to rethink casting ideas due to competition for particular dancers and rehearsal conflicts. Choreographers for these concerts typically have a 6-7 week rehearsal period which allows for more development of ideas. Projects are limited to 6 dancers, 6 minutes. Choreographers will have departmental support (and responsibility for contributing to) lighting, costumes, and publicity. Concerts are mostly in Valborg Theatre. Students auditioning to choreograph will be expected to perform some original phrase material and submit a typed project proposal outlining initial ideas for the project *which may change* about the concept, music, number of dancers, choreographic process, costuming, etc. Audition Listings

Indy Projects: Students who opt for indy projects are always welcome to enroll in choreography class and complete an independent project. This option gives support, class structure, and feedback, but allows for choreographic experimentation without the pressures of a formally staged presentation. Typically, 3-4 students in each choreography class choose the "indy" option. They decide their timeframes, venues (often the VG 208 studio), dancers, costumes, and publicity, more informally. While students often choose to present their works together, they are not required to do so.

MISC PROJECTS: There are numerous other informal opportunities for students to choreograph while on campus. Many students enjoy choreographing for dance clubs such as Momentum, Entropy, Syncopation Tap & Musical Theatre. Other campus entities sometimes call for entertainment such as dancers at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts or Open House events, etc. Others find opportunities in educational or social change projects, such as area school performances or demo/class/performances for others in the community, such as in area nursing homes.

Dancer Auditions

Fall and Spring Appalachian Dance Ensemble (FADE and SADE)

All students who are currently enrolled in a dance technique or bodywork class are eligible to audition to perform in the Fall and Spring Appalachian Dance Ensemble concerts. 

Dancers should fill out the audition form ahead of time. Auditionees should know their class, work, and any other schedules that might affect availability for rehearsals and performances. When you arrive at the audition, you will get a number and then you will warm up. Proper attire includes comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement yet allows the line of the body to be seen. Hair should be secured in a fashion that does not interfere with the student's movement or alignment. Auditionees do not need to prepare any material or wear special shoes. Featured choreographers will teach the audition group original phrase material.

Please note that casting is based not only on how a dancer performs material but also on their availability to rehearse during pre-set rehearsal times each week. Dancers are expected to make a firm commitment to honor all rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and performances before accepting a role.

You can find online audition forms below for FADE and First Year Showcase. Please fill out your form PRIOR to the audition start time. You can find online audition forms below for FADE. Again, please fill out your form PRIOR to the audition start time.

FADE Audition Form

First Year Showcase

The Department of Theatre and Dance's First Year Showcase connects first-year and new transfer students with upper-level students and faculty/staff in dance and theatre. It is held annually in September of each year, with casting occurring the second week of August. This inclusive production incorporates anyone who wants to be involved by devising a show in just three short weeks. The show is open to all students in any area of study but would be of particular interest to those considering a major or minor in theatre or dance. 

2023 performance dates: Sept. 28-30th @ 6 p.m. Events will be held in outdoor campus locations or I.G. Greer Studio Theatre, in case of rain.

DANCE: Dancers interested in dancing in this showcase need to come to the dance interest meeting on Tuesday, August 29, at Varsity Gym Dance Studio 208 at 6:30. Come prepared to dance and fill out the form here, in advance.  For information or questions, you can contact Marianne Adams ( Please fill out the form below prior to attending the interest meeting.

First-Year Showcase Audition Form

Audition Dates

FADE Choreographers: Friday, August 25, 2023, at 1:00 PM in Varsity Gym Studio 208.

FADE DANCER AUDITIONS and FIRST-YEAR SHOWCASE INTEREST "AUDITIONS": Tuesday, August 29 at 6:30 PM in Varsity Gym Studio 207. FADE auditions continue on Wednesday, August 30 at 6:30 PM.

For information about auditioning to choreograph or dance in the Momentum Dance Club Showcase contact a Momentum club officer. Momentum's President is  Mack Marrow.

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