Dance Audition Guidelines

Auditions are not required to enroll in the Dance program however auditions are required in order for students to be cast to choreograph or perform for main stage productions.

Choreographer Auditions

Choreographer auditions for fall semester productions are held the first or second week of fall semester classes. Choreographer auditions for spring semester productions are held within the last few weeks of the fall semester. Audition Listings

Students auditioning to choreograph will be expected to perform some original phrase material and submit a typed project proposal outlining inital ideas for the project *which may change* about concept, music, number of dancers, choreographic process, costuming, etc.

Dancer Auditions

Auditions to perform in fall semester productions are held during the second week of fall semester classes. Auditions to perform in spring semester productions are the last week of fall semester classes.

Dancers should arrive early at the audition to fill out an information form, get a number and warm-up. Auditionees should come prepared with knowledge of their class, work and any other schedules that might affect availability for rehearsals and performances. Proper attire includes comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement yet allows the line of the body to be seen. Hair should be secured in a fashion that does not interfere with the student's movement or alignment. Auditionees do not need to prepare material or wear special shoes. Featured choreographers will teach the audition group original phrase material.

You can find online audition forms below for FADE and First Year Showcase.
Please fill out your form PRIOR to the audition start time.

FADE Audition Form

First Year Showcase Audition Form

Audition Dates

FADE Choreographers: Friday, August 23, 2019 at 4:00 PM in Varsity Gym Room 208

FADE DANCER AUDITIONS and FIRST YEAR SHOWCASE INTEREST "AUDITIONS": Monday, August 26, 2019 at 6:30 PM in Varsity Gym Room 208

For information about auditioning to choreograph or dance in the Momentum Showcase contact a Momentum club officer. Momentum President is Amber Worley

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