Employability Skills

Employability Skills Acquired through Study of Theatre and Dance

  • Apply performance and production skills to communicate with an audience 

  • Apply group processes in the creation of original work 

  • Communicate in writing, orally, and through performance 

  • Exercise critical, analytical and physical skills, and conduct research 

  • Apply creative and imaginative skills 
through the realization of practical 

  • Think reflectively and independently, 
and concentrate and focus for 
extended periods

  • Develop ideas and construct 
arguments and present them in appropriate ways

  • Handle creative, personal, and interpersonal issues and negotiate and pursue goals with others

  • Manage personal workloads and
 meet deadlines under pressure with flexibility, imagination, self-motivation and organization

  • Produce written work with appropriate scholarly conventions

  • Apply information retrieval skills involving gathering, sifting, and organizing material

  • Use IT skills such as word-processing, training in professionally-related software programs, electronic mail, and accessing electronic data

Adapted from Student Employability Profiles: A Guide for HE Practitioners, The Higher Education Academy