This page provides answers to many frequently asked questions about the department.  If you don't see your question send us an email with your question.

Departmental FAQ

What types of financial assistance or scholarships are available?

Scholarship Information

What are the theatres and other facilities like?

Facilities and Venues

Who are the faculty and staff of the Theatre & Dance Department?

Faculty and Staff

Theatre FAQ

Can you give me an overview of the Theatre area?

Theatre Program Overview

Can you give me a brief overview of the curriculum?

Degree Information

Do I have to audition to become a theatre major?

What can you tell me about auditions?

All currently enrolled students are encouraged to audition.

Audition Information

Transfer Student FAQs

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Dance FAQ

Can you give me an overview of the Dance area?

  • Dance is a dynamic, creative program housed in the Department of Theatre and Dance. The program has a growing dance faculty and offers a major and a strong minor in dance.
  • Any student may enroll for a dance class; all levels of dancers find the classes stimulating and challenging. 
  • This atmosphere inspires the faculty and students to create original, expressive, and experimental dance for the student performing group, the Appalachian Dance Ensemble.
  • Dance classes are open to all students; no audition is necessary.
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Can you give me a brief overview of the curriculum?

Degree Information

Which dance classes fulfill core curriculum requirements?

The following courses fulfill Physical Education credits:

  • Modern I & II
  • Ballet I & II
  • Jazz I & II
  • Pilates Conditioning
  • Gyrokenisis
  • Yoga as Somatic Practice

The following courses fulfill Humanities credits:

  • Analyzing Style and Form: Dance (MC)
  • Dance History (W, MC)

What if I have had previous dance training?

Dance classes at the college level are taught to progress rapidly. 
Therefore many students who have had previous training still prefer
to start in a basic class to ensure accurate placement, alignment and 
fundamentals. However, if you think you might be eligible to take an
upper level class, please contact the following faculty members:

Or consider making a visit to a Master Class and Placement event.

What can you tell me about auditions?

Audition Information