Assistant Costume Designer


The Assistant Costume Designer is responsible for assisting the costume designer in their role. Specific duties and tasks will be decided based on the abilities of the assistant and the needs of the show. What follows is a generalized list of responsibilities. 


  1. Read the script several times, taking note of overall story and theme and specific costuming needs. Assist in determining research and dramaturgical needs.
  2. Consult the departmental production calendar and note all due dates. It is important that you meet these dates because it affects the work of so many other people.
  3. Attend the meeting between the costume designer, director, and other production team members to determine the concept for the show within which all designers will work.
  4. Attend all design and production meetings. Make sure the stage manager has all of your current contact information.
  5. Assist in creating renderings of costumes as necessary for the production team to review during the design process.
  6. Attend fittings, and assist as needed.
  7. Assist in providing drapers with copies of sketches or explanations of the designs necessary for their work.
  8. Assist in the selection of all fabric and fabric modifications.
  9. Assist in the design or selection of all costume accessories.
  10. Assist in finding, selecting, or altering all modern clothing.
  11. Assist in designing hairstyles and the selection of wigs, hairpieces, mustaches, beards, and special makeups.
  12. Attend dress parade and all dress rehearsals with the costume designer to take notes on changes and alterations.
  13.  Assist in creating a wardrobe plot so that costumes may be checked in and out each day. Include a way to track pieces that need or have been sent to laundry.
  14. Meet with the costume designer and costume shop supervisor to discuss strike. Make note of which pieces need to be sent to dry cleaning, which will return to stock, and assist in coordinating the return of any borrowed or rented costumes.

Online application for this position.