Assistant Makeup Designer


The Assistant Makeup Designer is responsible for assisting the makeup designer in their role. Specific duties and tasks will be decided based on the abilities of the assistant and the needs of the show. What follows is a generalized list of responsibilities.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the script and the time period.
  2. Attend the meeting between the makeup designer, director, and costume designer about style, characterization, and color. Be sure to check with the lighting designer about gel colors.
  3. Assist in creating a makeup chart for each cast member in consultation with the costume designer, director, and your mentor.
  4. Assist in arranging and supervising a makeup appointment for each cast member prior to the first dress rehearsal.
  5. Assist in instructing the actors in methods of achieving the desired effect after discussion of the character with them. Don’t do it for them – teach them.
  6. Assist in working out any quick changes of makeup prior to first dress.
  7. Assist in supervising application of makeup during dress rehearsals and performances.
  8. Assist in setting makeup calls during the run of the show in consultation with the stage manager.
  9. Assist in checking makeup from the house during dress rehearsals, conferring with the director and costume designer and making changes where needed.

Online application for this position.