Costume Shop Supervisor


The Costume Shop Supervisor, with oversight from the departmental costume shop supervisor, is responsible for the implementation of the costume design. This will include supervision of fittings, overseeing construction of built costumes and alteration of pulled and purchased costumes, and maintenance of shop equipment and supplies. 


  1. Familiarize yourself with the playscript.
  2. Daily supervision of the costume staff including but not limited to drapers, first hands, stitchers, and craftspeople.
  3. Order and manage shop supplies.
  4. Manage shop equipment including repairs, maintenance, and replacement.
  5. Supervise measurement appointments.
  6. Meet daily with the designer, departmental costume shop supervisor and other costume shop staff to go over the jobs that need to be accomplished.
  7. Maintain job support and discipline among costume shop students, ensuring that they have jobs or people to be responsible for during the workday.
  8. Maintain basic organization of the costume shop.
  9. Arrange for and attend fittings as needed. Inform the designer so that they may be present. Make sure all fittings have notes attached so that work can progress without error.
  10. Attend dress parade and all dress rehearsals to get working notes from the designer, making any adjustments deemed necessary.
  11. Supervise the costume strike. Be sure to make notes of which pieces need to be sent to dry cleaning, which will return to stock, and coordinate the return of any borrowed or rented costumes.

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