Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor


The Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor is responsible for assisting the costume shop supervisor in their role. Specific duties and tasks will be decided based on the abilities of the assistant and the needs of the show. What follows is a generalized list of responsibilities.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the script and the time period.
  2. Assist in daily supervision of the costume shop staff including, but not limited to: drapers, first hands, stitchers, and craftspersons.
  3. Assist in ordering and managing shop supplies.
  4. Assist managing shop equipment including repairs, maintenance, and replacement.
  5. Assist in taking measurements in coordination with the costume designer and shop supervisor.
  6. Meet with the costume shop supervisor at the beginning of each workday to discuss jobs to be accomplished during the call.
  7. Assist in fittings as needed in coordination with the costume designer and costume shop supervisor. Make sure all fittings have notes so that work can progress without error.
  8. Attend all dress parades and dress rehearsals with the costume shop supervisor. Assist in taking working notes from the designer.
  9. Meet with the costume shop supervisor to discuss strike. Assist in making notes of which pieces need to be sent to dry cleaning, which will return to stock, and assist in coordinating the return of any borrow or rented costumes.

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