Assistant Dramaturg


The Assistant Dramaturg is responsible for helping the Dramaturg in a variety of ways.  This may include research, writing, creation of cast materials, creation of lobby display items, and/or other duties as assigned.  Specific tasks will be decided based on the abilities of the assistant and the needs of the show.


  1. Read the script numerous times.
  2. Read the Directorial Design/Conceptual Statement.
  3. Attend regular meetings with the dramaturg and director.
  4. Attend and contribute to design and production meetings.
  5. Collaborate productively with all members of the production team, taking inspiration and guidance from the dramaturg and the director.
  6. Meet specific deadlines detailed for the project.
  7. Assist with providing the following research/analysis as requested by the dramaturg:
    1. Textual analysis.
    2. History of the text.
    3. Biographical information on the playwright.
    4. Information on the play’s sociopolitical-historical context.
    5. Production history.
    6. Critical reviews of past performances.
    7. Review of various translations.
    8. Development/adaptation of the text.
  8. Assist the dramaturg during rehearsals. The following assignments might be made for rehearsals:
    1. Talk to the company about research material pertinent to the development of the performance.
    2. Provide resource material for the company (e.g. definitions of terms, pronunciation guide, etc.).
    3. Serve as a surrogate audience member by analyzing how certain choices may “read” and identifying moments where the concept could be manifest more clearly.
    4. Serve as a “critical eye” for director and designers.
    5. Other assignments as necessary for the specific needs of the production.
  9. In consultation with the dramaturg, provide information (commentary, illustrations, photos, etc.) for the program, lobby display, public website, or any other supplemental audience materials. 

Online application for this position.