Attendance Policy

From the Undergraduate Bulletin

It is the policy of Appalachian State University that class attendance is an important part of a student's educational experience. Students are expected to attend every meeting of their classes and are responsible for class attendance. Regardless of what reasons there may be for absence, students are accountable for all academic activities, and faculty may require special work or tests to make up for the missed class or classes. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to make reasonable accommodations for students requesting to miss class due to the observance of religious holidays.

Faculty, at their discretion, may include class attendance as a criterion in determining a student's final grade in the course. On the first day of class, faculty must inform students of their class attendance policy and the effect of that policy on their final grade; both policies must be clearly stated in the class syllabus.

A student who does not attend a class during one of its first two meetings may, at the discretion of the academic department, lose her or his seat in that class. Further, if a class meets only one time per week—e.g., a laboratory or an evening class—the student must attend the first meeting of that class or risk losing her or his seat.

Office of Disability (ODS) Procedures

It is the responsibility of the student to meet with individual instructors to discuss the student's approved reasonable accommodations outlined on his or her Accommodation Plan prepared by the Office of Disability Services (ODS). This meeting must happen as soon after the creation of an Accommodation Plan and the first class meeting as possible. ODS can provide verification of a disability which may address the legitimacy of an absence, but not necessarily excuse it. ODS cannot officially excuse absences; the ultimate decision regarding absences and the resulting influence those absences have on grades is at the discretion of the instructor after close examination of the essential course requirements. Instructors are encouraged to consult ODS regarding possible accommodations, but ultimately, the instructor of the course determines which, if any, accommodations for absences are most appropriate. Attendance Policy Information is provided for faculty and staff in determining essential course requirements and reasonable accommodations for absences.

Attendance policy relating to participation in University-sponsored activities

As an integral part of the academic program at Appalachian State University, the University sponsors and otherwise supports co-curricular programs, athletic programs, and other out-of-class activities such as field trips. Participation in such activities occasionally requires a student to miss one or more class meetings.

A student who expects to miss one or more class meetings because of participation in a University-sponsored activity has several responsibilities: the student (in person) will notify the instructor in advance of any absence; the student is expected to complete all work missed by making up the work in advance or by completing any compensatory assignment that may be required by the instructor; the student is expected to maintain satisfactory progress in the course; and the student (otherwise) is expected to maintain satisfactory attendance in the class if so required. In the event that a student anticipates that participation in a University-sponsored activity will require missing more than 10% of the class meetings, the student is required to discuss this matter with her or his instructor at the beginning of the semester and may be advised to drop the course. If the above responsibilities are met, it is expected that the instructor will excuse the absence and permit the student to make up missed work in whatever manner the instructor deems appropriate.