Can I get an incomplete in a Theatre or Dance Studies course?

The departmental philosophy is that incompletes should only be considered for students:

  1. Who have completed 80% of the coursework,
  2. Are in good standing (i.e., passing the course),
  3. And are facing major extenuating circumstances that prohibit finishing the course requirements by the final exam date.

If you meet the above criteria and feel you need an incomplete, you should present a plan for completion to your professor before the end of the semester. If the professor agrees, all required assignments and dates of completion should be discussed, signed and copied by both parties.

The grade of incomplete is given and authorized only when legitimate extenuating circumstances dictate. When an instructor issues a final grade of Incomplete (I) he/she determines a due date for the completion of any/all incomplete work. This extension of time may be in terms of days, weeks, or months as the situation dictates. Unless the incomplete is converted to another letter grade within one semester (excluding summers) it will automatically become a grade of "F". The student is reminded that a period of one semester does not automatically accompany a grade of "I." Upon receipt of an "I" the student should contact the appropriate instructor to determine the applicable time table.