Declaring a Major

When can I declare a major?

Students whose records are in the University College Academic Advising Office are eligible to declare a major when they meet the following requirements

1. Completion of at least 30 semester hours
2. A grade-point average of at least 2.0
3. Credit for ENG 1000 or an equivalent course and credit for or current enrollment in UCO 1200 or an equivalent course

Once the student officially declares a Theatre or Dance major, his or her records are forwarded to the College of Fine and Applied Arts and he or she will begin working with a faculty advisor in the department of Theatre and Dance.

The initial declaration of a major will be in 1 of 3 programs of study:

  • BA Dance Studies
  • BS Teaching Theatre Arts
  • BA Theatre Arts - General

NOTE that students interested in the two concentrations

  • BA Theatre Arts - Performance
  • BA Theatre Arts - Design and Technology

should begin by declaring a General Theatre major and then pursue the additional admission requirements for these concentrations. All of the BA Theatre Arts concentrations share 27 hours of common coursework.  Students should be sure to express their interest in these two concentrations with faculty coordinators as soon as possible.

Transfer Students: Please make an appointment with the department chair to evaluate your transfer credit and to map out a schedule for graduation.

Pre-Registration PIN

How do I get a PIN for pre-registration?

At designated times in the semester, the resident student may preregister for the upcoming semester. Departmental advisors expect each advisee to schedule a conference with them at this time so that registration assistance can be provided. You should take the initiative to schedule this appointment. Pre registration permits (PINs) can only be obtained from the departmental advisors.