Can I Drop/Add a course after the Drop/Add period is over?

A student can, without limit or penalty, add courses, drop courses, or change the sections of courses through the published "Drop-Add" period-i.e., through the first five days of a fall or spring semester. Note: during the summer, the "Drop-Add" period is defined as the first two days of classes within an academic term

An undergraduate student is allowed to drop a cumulative total of no more than four (4) courses after the published "Drop-Add" period. (The phrase "cumulative total" should be understood to mean a total of four drops over the student's undergraduate career at Appalachian, excluding summer terms.) A student who wishes to drop a course after the published "Drop-Add" period must do so by no later than the ninth week of the fall/spring semester.

A course can be added after the published "Drop-Add" period only for exceptional circumstances, and requires the written permission of the instructor, chairperson and dean.